•    Lego, balance beam, monkey bars, small hula hoops, puzzels (3-6 years), playground merry-go-round seated spinner.

Cleaning Products
•  Pine gel, Handy Andy or similar, dishwashing liquid, bleach, dish clothes, Scotch Brite, dishwasher tabs, air freshener

•    Latex gloves, wet wipes, toilet paper, black bags, tissues, hand wash, sanitizer, sugar, coffee and tea, long life milk, baking ingredients, orange juice mix

•    Pens (black and blue) , glue sticks, laminating sheets A3+A4, prestik, thin outlined writing books and math quad books

•    I pads/laptops for our high functioning children to record and document their work and develop their skills


•    Gate for kitchen

•    Hoist for moving children from their wheelchair onto a changing bed

•    Sandpit with a cover

•    Outdoor climbing equipment for upper body workout

•    Lawn dressing
•    Sponsorship for utility bills, i.e. water, electricity, gas refills during winter

Special Projects
•    Louvre Awnings (to cover our patio +40.38m²) 
•    Gutters

•    Sliding door to be fitted for one of our classrooms together with Trellidor.