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There is no doubt that our weekly Art sessions remain one of the most fun and interactive areas of learning. There is no barrier to creativity and our children get to explore a range of materials and utensils with the necessary support that they need. Their motor skills, decision making and perseverance are encouraged and challenged. They are given the opportunity dive into finger paints and make beautiful pieces to hang on the fridge or construct modes of transport from recycled materials.

Music & Movement


Music plays an important role in stimulating our children’s tactile, kinaesthetic, auditory and visual systems. It gives us the opportunity to use captivating instruments to prompt a child to make a request as to which instrument they would like to use. Through singing and dancing our children are also given the freedom to express themselves, improve memory, cognitive development and learning skills.



Our Baking and Cooking sessions remain an exciting way to introduce a wide variety of skills to our children. And who doesn’t like food? They have the opportunity to improve their language and communication skills, refine their motor skills, incidentally learn new math skills through measurement, develop their independence and stimulate their gustatory and olfactory senses.  

PE SML.jpg


Our Physical Education programme is filled with fun and our children benefit greatly from the exercise, energy release and pure enjoyment of participating in a physical activity together with or alongside their friends. It’s a wonderful opportunity to implement therapy targets and develop their motor skills through yoga, brain gym and various ball manipulation skills.

Benefits of physical education for special needs:
* Builds healthy bones.

* Improves muscle strength, co-ordination, flexibility

   and cardiovascular efficiency.

* Provides better balance, motor skills and body


* Increases attention span, on-task behaviour and

   level of correct responding.

* Helps cope with stress, anxiety and depression.

* Increases appetite and improves quality of sleep.

For more Sports Day fun.
Sports Day

Once a year we have a fun filled Sports Day, where our children and their family members get to compete in teams against one another. We aim to challenge physical skills and strength through wheelchair races, water balloon tossing and piggy back races to name a few. Our children make great gains from this event and it gives the parents an opportunity to interact and engage with their own children through healthy competition, as well as giving them an opportunity to meet and support other parents.

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