Wandsworth School has growth substantially since its inception, but as with all businesses we are not immune to the pinch of the financial strain that South Africa has been struggling with over the last few years.

We are not a need-specific school because our philosophy is to embrace children in an environment that reflects the world around them and not isolate the children further by addressing their diagnosis instead of the child within. Because of this decision we require a high staff to child ratio to manage the children’s physical, sensory and academic needs. Our 4:1 ratio is what facilitates Wandsworth being the Gauteng LSEN School of choice. Our internally trained and experienced staff know that we hold the quality of the service we offer in the highest regard, and parents know there are no other schools in the district that are as forward thinking and all-encompassing as Wandsworth.

Our vision of a purpose-built school remains in-tact, along with the work ethic to remain the Gauteng LSEN School of Choice. To maintain our current facilities and retain our highly experienced staff we are constantly on the lookout for benefactors and partnerships for both the school and children alike. Our parents are amazing when it comes to paying the school fees on a monthly, termly, or annual basis, but currently these fees only cover seventy percent of our annual costs.

Wandsworth School is a Non-Profit Organisation (NPO), with a level four BBBEE rating and 53% child: adult BEE ratio. We have to fund raise at the very least the thirty percent shortfall of our annual revenue to remain viable. There are other neighbouring schools that have a lower fee structure, but they do not offer the calibre of services that we do. Raising the fees would see a larger number of parents being unable to afford to keep their child in school which would then put an even larger strain on Wandsworth as a whole.

Become a Wandsworth Warrior:

Wandsworth Warriors are a very special part of the education of a special needs child at Wandsworth. A warrior, through his/her actions and gestures, supports, nurtures and continues the hard work, mostly behind the scenes, to uplift and challenge the barriers to education, that our children might face.

What do we need?

Support for the school can also be offered in terms of consumables and services – by bringing down our monthly running costs we are able to save towards our goal for sustainability and growth. 


  • Cleaning Agents: Washing Powder, Dishwasher tablets, Sunlight Soap, floor and tile cleaners, general cleaning agents for shelves and equipment like Mr. Min and Handy Andy (ammonia free, some children have allergies), toilet cleaner, Window cleaner,
  • Cleaning Equipment: Sponges, dust and cleaning clothes, scourers, mops, dishtowels, dustbin bags, mops, broomsticks, buckets
  • Toiletries: Toilet Paper, Liquid Hand wash, Hand towels, tissues, nappies, nappy bags, air fresheners, hand cream, aqueous cream, shaving cream/kiddies foam soaps, wet wipes, white roll to mop up spills on the floor
  • First Aid: Disinfectant, plasters, Burnshield, Bactroban/Dettol/Savlon creams, Refresh, Saline solution ampoules, syringes, Panado (syrup and tablets), Micropore, bandages, cotton wool, electronic behind-the-ear thermometers (5 – one for each environment).
  • Food and beverages: tea, coffee, sugar, creamer, milk, Oros, flour, sugar, jelly, food colourants, Marie biscuits, icing sugar, Maizena, sugar beans, samp, pasta, rice, bread, jam, peanut butter, syrup, vinegar, sunflower oil
  • Stationery: Ink cartridges, staples, black pens, click pencils and lead, regular and chubby kokis, coloured pencils with triangular grip, wax crayons, AA and AAA batteries, reams of paper, permanent markers, white board markers and cleaners, coloured and white card, Prestik, sticky tape, double sided tape, feint margin and quad 72 page exercise books, A5 hard cover diaries,
  • Miscellaneous: Tin foil, wax wrap, cling film, serviettes, paper plates, lighters/matches, bubbles, fertilisers for grass, sand bags for the sand pits, granular salt to sterilize the sand, scoops and buckets for the sand pits.


  • Rates and Taxes (+/- R2000.00 per month)
  • Water and Electricity (+/-R 3000 per month)
  • Telkom – line rental and ADSL (+/- R1200 per month)
  • Cell phones and 3G cards (+/- R 1200 per month)
  • Book keeping fees (+/- R1000 per month)
  • Auditing fees (+/- R15 000 per annum)
  • Advertising and marketing

Individual children’s fees can be subsidised or sponsored in full.

  • We have had children leave us because they cannot afford the transport and school fees on a monthly basis. So these very special children have to stay at home because the parents have to prioritise medical bills over education.
  • We also have children enrolled, whose parents are still struggling with payment of fees, we have managed to find sponsorships for some, but the children and their parents who desperately need the support, would benefit from a financial benefactor. 

Support our fundraisers.

  • Play in our Golf Day, sponsor prizes, holes or four balls
  • Attend our Comedy Evenings
  • Ride in the Momentum 947 Cycle Challenge and pledge a minimum of R500 to support our cause.
  • Help with sponsoring goody bag items.

Corporate and Individual Warriors

  • Corporate or individual benefactors who will commit to a one to three year financial sponsorship. We would use these funds to: keep the school fees as low as possible, put the funds toward sponsoring individual children, the school building and maintenance costs so we can educate more children and subsequently bring down costs, invest further in our incredibly dedicated team of staff through training, as well as continuing to help with educating the community about the integration and acceptance of special needs children into society.
  • We would like to invite our corporate community to get involved in our school growth project which will either incorporate renovations to the school or work towards the dream of a purpose built school. We currently require 7 teaching environments, 1 therapy space and administration areas for 2016.


Please contact the school for banking details to make once off or regular contributions to the school.