Tammy & Ryan Smulders

We are Tammy & Ryan Smulders, the parents of Tyrone who is our first child. He is 11 years old and has Down Syndrome.

At 6 months he had to have a heart operation to repair a VSD (Ventrical Septre Defect). He experienced some further set backs about 2 weeks after this operation, when he started having Epileptic seizures and ...

Tyrone Smulders

Anika Pelser

Anika Pelser - Also known as Ani-Bunni or Anies. Anika is 9 years old and was one of the little people in the Reception Class in 2009. 

Brief description of Anika's medical history (and I do mean I kept it brief!) Cerebral Palsy diplegia with CVI (cortical vision impairment) Born 14 Feb 2007 - Emergen...

Anika Pelser

Peter and Linda Atteridge

Welcome to the Atteridge Family, made up of Peter and Linda Atteridge and their two daughters, Kirsten (15 yrs) and Carmen (13 yrs).

Peter is a plumber who runs his own plumbing business and Linda assists him with the running of the business. Kirsten is currently in Grade 10 at the German School in Parktown. Carmen would be in Gra...

Carmen Atterigde